About the Game

Laws of the Game

The rules of power soccer are pretty simple. Each team's starting unit is comprised of three offensive players and one goalie, and the game is played on a basketball court. During a game, the objective is to maneuver the soccer ball with the aid of a guard placed in front of the wheelchair through dribbling and passing skills. Like able-bodied soccer, the game incorporates a wide open, passing style and uses corner, penalty and goal kicks. The fouls and penalties that are enforced in power soccer are also similar to the able-bodied game and also use red and yellow cards. If you would like to learn more about the official rules of power soccer, you may download the Laws of the Game.

Equipment of the Sport

The soccer ball is an over-sized soccer ball measuring 33 cm (13 in) in diameter.

The power wheelchairs used in the sport can be as simple as a typical power wheelchair that has been modified to include a front guard and oftentimes a rear guard/wheelie wheels. More advanced power wheelchairs, specifically designed for the sport are also available.